Mailing Lists

There are four mailing lists related to FreeType.


    Discusses general use and applications of FreeType, as well as future and wanted additions to the library and distribution. If you are looking for support, start in this list if you haven’t found anything in the documentation which helps you.


    Discusses engine internals, design issues, specific licenses, porting, etc. Mainly for software developers.


    Contains important announcements related to the project, like releases, milestones, etc. Only the FreeType team can post to this list.


    Tracks commits to the FreeType git repositories, showing diffs. Only the FreeType team can post to this list. (There is no mailing list archive available for this list.)

To subscribe to one of them use one of the methods below.

Finally, use the word ‘help’ (without the quote characters) in the subject line if you want to receive an automatic answer detailing all available options through e-mail.

When joining, you will receive a confirmation request by e-mail; it will also contain the address of a specific web page you can use to to change your account settings, for example to unsubscribe.

Note that mailing archives provided through the Mailman web interface are searchable.

If you prefer, you might access the mailing lists via Gmane:

Authors & Developers

Please use one of the mailing lists to contact the development team!

Original Authors

  • David Turner (no longer active development but still spiritus rector of the project)
  • Robert Wilhelm (no longer active)
  • Werner Lemberg (current maintainer)

Core Developers

  • Alexei Podtelezhnikov (Алексей Подтележников)
  • Suzuki Toshiya (鈴木俊哉)

Major Contributors

  • Oran Agra
  • Graham Asher
  • David Bevan
  • Bradley Grainger
  • Infinality
  • Tom Kacvinsky
  • Pavel Kaňkovský
  • Antoine Leca
  • Just van Rossum
  • Wu Chia-I (吳佳一)